Web Analytics & Reporting Services

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Our Core Web Analytics & Reporting Services

Data Collection & Integration

Integrate your website with the latest analytics tools to learn more about your users behavior, and interactions on your website.  

Goal & Conversion Tracking

Tracking specific goals or events that users complete on your website is crucial to the success of your online digital presence.   

Custom Dashboards for Data Analysis

All of our website design projects include a responsive design for mobile devices, ensuring your website functions correctly on desktop, mobile and tablet devices in the latest browsers.

Performance Monitoring

Creating digital experiences that are user-centered, intuitive, and aligned with both user needs and business objectives. A strong focus on a user experience can lead to greater increase in customer satisfaction, increased conversion rate and user retention.

Key Metrics Analysis

Key Metric reports that focus on analyzing the critical metrics for your business such as user demographics, traffic sources and conversion rates.     

Data Visualization

Visual appealing and easy to comprehend charts and diagrams to tell the story of your users experience on your website. 

Content Performance

Content reporting for analyzing specific pieces of content like blogs, landing pages and products to gain insights for improving content strategy.