I’ve been in the web and internet marketing industry for about 10 years. You won’t believe how often times I’ll have a client meeting and ask about their social media marketing. First thing I’ll do is look up that business and see that they haven’t posted anything in weeks/months and yes, even years.

They’ll usually tell me:

Well, our business doesn’t need social media because we don’t sell products online.

That is B.S. Just because you provide services in essentially any field, you should still be connecting with users on the platforms available. Deciding the platform to market your business is key as well. If you are a photographer, you’re going to want to market on Instagram and less on Google Plus or LinkedIn. If you’re running a  psychologist practice you might lay off Instagram and snap chat and stay connected on Facebook and LinkedIn. The context of your content is very important.

Regardless of your business, you need to connect with your audience. Many clients of mine have a website but no social media. To me, that almost cancels each other out. EVERYONE gets their information from social media accounts. So if you think your business doesn’t need social media, you may want to rethink.

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