Do you have a wordpress website set up for your business. Chances are you may have set up your site using a shared hosting solution through a big name hosting solution like GoDaddy or Network Solutions.

Are you satisfied with your website load time?

Are your web pages loading over 10 seconds?

If so, you may want to consider reevaluating your website hosting solution. WordPress has a lot of great plugins to scale your site and themes that look great and work great (when in the right environment).

In my experience, using WordPress in a shared hosting environment is awful. The techs typically offer limited resources on what they can do for you. They usually try to upsell you on some additional server capabilities that usually are not needed with the clients I typically work with.

WordPress Managed Solutions

If you are running a wordpress website and looking for the best hosting solution for performance, you should certainly check out Flywheel or WPEngine. They offer great personal support and don’t make you feel like a number.

Remember, You get what you pay for. The days of hosting your 5 page html file site are gone. With dynamic database driven websites being so popular, it’s important to carve out the correct budget for your hosting plans.

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