Are you at a road block on how to use images and video to market your business on Instagram? I’m not going to get into how to create your Instagram account, I”ll leave that up to you 😉

This article is for business owners that currently have an Instagram account for their business but are having some trouble building brand recognition, followers and driving traffic to their website.

As you may have noticed, Instagram doesn’t allow you to add a link to your post like “Check us out at URL”. You have to post your URL in your bio and hope for the best.

Tip #1

Keep your Bio Link Up to Date – Use the URL in your bio to link to relevant content you are posting about. If you are creating a blog post, switch this URL to the content you are displaying in your image or video.

Tip #2

Keep a nice balance of images/videos of your business and fun images that users may like. Instagram is supposed to be fun and not so “corporate” so if you have a dog in the office, snap a picture and post it! People like dogs!

Tip #3

If you are writing a blog post, be sure to insert an Instagram photo into your post directly. This will allow users to click on the image and get easy access to follow you.

Tip #4

Develop a schedule. It’s important to understand users viewing your content on Instagram may be completely different then the audience on Facebook and Twitter. So be sure to not post identical information. Keep the content interesting and give users a reason to follow you on all platforms. Mix it up!


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