Many clients I have worked with in the past expect immediate results when they start a online initiative for their business. The one key they forget is that it takes patience. Just because we live in such a fast pace society with technology changing daily doesn’t mean that your brand is going to grow in 24 hours. It takes careful planning and execution of your strategy. It also takes the understanding that you most likely (unless you are a developer, marketer) that you need support and that you can’t do this all on your own. Especially if you are trying to juggle multiple hats.

Building an online community engaging on your content takes much more than posting on Facebook every 3 months. It takes careful planning of what you are selling/providing. It takes creating a plan and having a nice flow of content that you are going to provide to your clientele.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by having to be everywhere on all social media platforms, but do understand you need to have a strong presence in the most popular platform that your target market is using daily. So if you are trying to reach your customer demographic between 15-20 years old, you don’t need to have a strong presence on LinkedIn but you bet you better be on Snap Chat and Instagram.

If you are looking to work with someone to build your online presence, please feel free to contact me to see what we can do to get your business out to the right market.


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