Why is it so important to have an online identity?

Because it’s where we live. Online. Everything we do today is online. So if you don’t exist online then you lose credibility and to some people, you don’t exist. It’s that simple. There is also the importance of having a positive (or negative) online identity as well.

Your online identity defines your brand.

This is where many companies and organizations go wrong. They create a digital identity for themselves but then they forget about it. This is where they actually destroy their online identity because it’s a poor attempt at creating one. You have to go all in and you have to invest time, money and resources into it.

With social media being the way of the world at this point, many businesses think just having their website is enough. You have to be able to reach your audience through these platforms that are available. It’s really a package of utilities that need to be used to increase your viewers and attract the audience that you want. And patience.


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