Accessing social media platforms from a marketing perspective for your business can be a great way to generate leads. It has a great return on investment as you are reaching the specific people who are interested in your topic and it’s affordable.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising is probably the best way to reach your target audience across all social media platforms as of 2016. It’s not a social media platform specific to a group or type of audience. For example, LinkedIn could be a great way to reach professionals if you are in the business of a head hunter. But for the general consumption of content, Facebook is the best option.

It’s pretty simple. Over 500 million views a day, you can easily reach a couple of thousand viewers a day on a minimum budget. And what’s nice about those viewers is that you have control over who can see it. Based on location, age, career, general interests. So if you are trying to reach someone in their mid 20’s about an app for ways to find an entry level job out of college, you can bet someone in their 50’s won’t be seeing the ad (unless you target that age group of course).

Facebook also provides detailed analytics for your advertisements to show you, how many clicks you received, from what devices, location, age group and how much was spent on a specific day. You can also run multiple ads which can help you measure success with different strategies for future marketing.

When you create a Facebook ad, you also have the option to have that ad show up on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing

We now have the ability to create an ad in Facebook and quickly deploy that same marketing piece on Instagram. This allows you to be efficient and consistent on both platforms. These ads are also based on the target market you set within Facebook.

Along with paid marketing, you can also do some hustle work and start to build connections with other businesses that are on Instagram with following each other. Once you build a following you can easily create creative posts that engage with your audience to build up your brand and overall communication with customers.

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