Is your website not providing the ROI you expected? We provide a comprehensive website performance audit analysis report to help you better understand where your website stands.”

What is a Website Performance Audit?

A website performance audit is analysis of your current website that measures your speed and side of your website. Within the audit, we will provide you with suggestions and a course of action to better increase your website load time and overall best practices.

A Complete Front End and Back End Audit

We will provide you with a report that indicates the factors that are contributing to any issues you are experiencing. This includes a review and recommendation on your front end website (html, css, javascript, media asset size). The backend audit would include reviewing your server and or site configuation, plugin and CMS system that is being used. We will provide you with tools and recommendations for improvements such as upgrades, caching and compression tools. If you are looking to get a complete audit of your website or have questions, please contact us today. Are you looking for on going website support? In a world where the web is constantly changing it’s importing to keep all of your systems in check and good health. We offer website maintenance and support plans that provide services in hosting, security, weekly/monthly updates as well as SEO and content updates and recommendations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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