I’d say that the Internet is here to stay, right?

Over the last 8-10 years, the digital marketing industry has been an ever changing challenge. We as humans use social media everyday. It’s part of our everyday life. Smart Phones have changed the way businesses are marketing.


So here is my TOP 5 Reasons For Using Digital Marketing

  1. Chance to Compete – Digital marketing gives every business an opportunity. You have the ability to attract users from any area in the world! And the best part is they don’t need to know you are building your business in your garage. Small businesses have the opportunity to explode!
  2. Cost Effective – Digital marketing is so much more affordable than the traditional marketing techniques like billboards, and television. Which brings me to my next reason.
  3. Analytics – Unlike traditional ways of advertising and marketing your business, with digital marketing, you have the ability to track and analyze your statistics. Tracking your analytics you can develop and plan effective marketing campaigns based on user information.
  4. Return on Investment – When you have the ability to target a specific market and create a steady flow of traffic to your content, you will create leads which will turn into sales.
  5. Be Creative and Engaging – There is an UNLIMITED amount of creativity in this business. Every single day there is something new and engaging being brought to our attention. Utilizing social media, engaging your viewers to take action is a great way to leverage a new way of marketing your business or campaign. Example: The Ice Bucket Challenge.
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