Many of my small business clients I have worked with in the past think websites are something you set and forget. Maybe their sites were very static but with wordpress moving at a very fast pace as far as development and enhancements to the system, its so important to keep your site up to date. Plugins and system core files are always being updated to fix bugs and protect against hackers.

Leaving a wordpress website unattended and not maintained is like leaving your door unlocked when you go on vacation and having a sign on your front lawn letting everybody know.

  1. Security – Keep your core files and plugins up to date at all times.
  2. Performance – When you keep your wordpress website up to date you are allowing the best user experience possible. You don’t want to put out a great new ad campaign for you business and drawing a lot of traffic to your site and find out the system is completely out of date and performance is poor which leads to a loss of costumers
  3. Be Relevant – From a design and content stand point, it gives you the opportunity to stay up to date with trends in technology as well as develop content to provide to your visitors.
  4. Keep Out the Glitches – As I mentioned above if you are running an old version of a wordpress website you are opening your self up to being problematic. Glitches are constantly being found and fixed from plugin to plugin to update to update.

If your website is currently out of date and need to make updates, please contact us today so we can start securing and developing a website for your business that actually supports it.

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