So what is your first reaction when you come across an outdated website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1999?

I’m sure it’s not a good perception.

As a website designer and internet marketing consultant I constantly come across “old” website designs. Never mind the badly designed website, but an old website design. The first thing I usually do is scroll down to the bottom of the website and check what the Copyright info says. Usually it’s a few years back. Although with the technology today, you can automate that to change with the change of the year. So I don’t always use that info.

So if you own a business and you haven’t updated your website DESIGN (not your content or photos), you may be damaging your business image. With mobile basically being the internet, if your website isn’t responsive to devices you lose. And I’m not talking about a “Mobilized” website which sometimes is a completely separate website just for phones. I’m talking about a responsive website design that scales based on browser size. Same content, positioned differently. So it looks good on every single smart phone, every tablet and of course the desktop.

Don’t put your website design or your web marketing on the back burner. It should be a priority to keep your web image up to date. It will benefit you tremendously to stay ahead of the game. Don’t be late.

If you’re not a tech guy/gal, hire someone to develop you website and manage your content.

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